Connecting Paxos with the other Ionian Islands for 2021

There is the option to visit other islands of the Ionian sea from Paxos or come to Paxos from the other Ionian islands.

There is a passenger-only ferry called Azimut, operated by Joy Cruises. The boat starts from Corfu and ends up in Zante. It passes from Paxos every other day.

Attached above we have the Timetable for 2021. For further info check the contact info below.

  • Paxos office: +30 26620 32401, +30 26620 32245
  • email: ilidaii@ymail.com
  • Corfu office: +30 26610 49800, +30 26610 80444
  • email: paxosilida@yahoo.com