Ilida Hydrofoil timetables valid from May 2023, Corfu – Paxos – Corfu

Joy cruises, the company that runs Ilida Hydrofoil and Azimout has published the 3 versions of the 2023 timetables. This is valid until September 2023. Check carefully the dates mentioned on each of the 3 timetables.

Ilida Hydrofoil and Azimout are passenger ferries operated by Joy Cruises. The boats travel from Corfu port to Paxos and back. The trip takes one hour for the Ilida Hydrofoil and two hours for the Azimout.

Attached above we have 3 Timetables for May 1st to September 25th 2023. For further info check the contact info below.

  • On line booking: www.joycruises.gr
  • Paxos office: +30 26620 32401, +30 26620 32245
  • email: ilidaii@ymail.com
  • Corfu office: +30 26610 49800, +30 26610 80444
  • email: paxosilida@yahoo.com